Beta Version 1.0.6 Update, Contains All Patches & Fixes
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    Beta Version 1.0.6 Update, Contains All Patches & Fixes

    by administrator » February 27th, 2021, 9:39 am

    Version 1.0.6 Beta Update has been released today 3/18/21. This update contains all patches and fixes that have been reported in the Beta Forum in addition to other bugs, fixes and issues we found during the re-code.

    The patches that were listed here prior to this post have been removed as the new version contains all of those updates and patches. Full version beta downloads are no longer available because we are not accepting any additional beta testers.

    To update to v1.06, download the update file, extract the folder within the archive (MYDIR_Beta-1.0.6-Upgrade) to your local machine. Next, upload everything in the MYDIR_Beta-1.0.6-Upgrade folder to the installation folder on your webserver, that's it.

    One of the enhancements we've made, when creating a listing, location section, you no longer need to type in longitude or latitude or search for a location on a map. We integrated Google address autofill, so start typing in the address in Address Line 1, select from the list of address, the longitude and latitude fields are no longer visible but they will internally populate with the correct data. City, State, Country and Zip will also be auto filled. This will work for any country, try it, type an address in for Canada or the UK or anywhere. The only glitch we've found is that if an address does not exist, even if Google offers alternatives, the zip code does not always display correctly, this however is a Google glitch, not a My Directory glitch, but you can always type in the correct zip code.

    Please Note: This is an upgrade, not a full install, meaning the defaults.php file is not included nor is the cache or install folders. The defaults.php file contains your license code, database and other installation information, if this file is overwritten, you installation will no longer function properly, that's why it is not included. You should always have a backup of your defaults.php file, so if you have not backed it up, please do so. The cache folder also contains files that if overwritten can cause licensing issues and the install folder is not needed, as I said, this is an update, not a full install.

    Hopefully you will not find any bugs or problems, but if you do, please report them in this forum.
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