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Once upon a time, back in 2006 or thereabouts, there was a business directory script called phpMyDirectory (PMD) that was developed by Ben Johnson. The PMD script was an immensely powerful PHP directory script with many features and functions and support was good. The script evolved over time going from version 10, 11, then 1.0.0 up to the final version, 1.5.3, released in early 2017, January, I think.

I purchased a third PMD license in February 2017 and shortly thereafter is when Ben and support disappeared. Even though the script was still being sold, there was no forum support other than from users and support tickets went unanswered.

Fast forward to November 2020, PMD was released on GitHub as opensource with all ioncube encrypted files decrypted, a few were not though, there were also licensing issues which was supposedly removed from the opensource version. There were other problems with the PMD GitHub version, it was written for PHP 5.6 (End of Life for PHP 5.6 was December 31st, 2018) and MySQL and it had not been updated to be compatible with current day webserver configurations, specifically PHP 7.x and MySQL(i). As a result of this people trying to install the opensource version had difficulties installing the script on present day servers. Many could not install it at all, a few were able to but many of the PHP 5.6 functions in the code had been depreciated so even though they got it running, not everything worked.

Enter My Directory: phpMyDirectory had been such a powerful, functional script that I did not want it to go by the wayside into oblivion, so I decided to re-write the code to be compatible with present day technology. I am a very good coder, but I needed someone who was an extraordinarily good coder so found and hired a gentleman who is extraordinarily good at what he does, the re-code was started in December 2020 and was completed May 2021 and here we are.

Some have asked if My Directory is going to be opensource, the answer is NO, the re-code has cost me several thousand dollars, and since I am not independently wealthy I cannot simply give it away.

And finally, I want to give credit where credit is due. The PMD code that was used to re-code and build My Directory was code written by Ben Johnson and much if not all that code was used in My Directory with the appropriate code changes made for compatibility. I thank Ben for all his hard work in developing the old PMD code that I was able to use to create the new My Directory product.

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