Installation Instructions

Server Requirements:

  • Unix/Linux Servers (Should run on Windows/MacOS X Servers but it has not been tested)
  • PHP Version 7+ preferably PHP 7.4
  • MySQL 5.7.34 or above
  • MySQL Extensions
    • PDO_MySQL
    • MySQLi
    • MySQLnd
  • PHP GD library version 2 or above.
  • PHP cURL Extension
  • ionCube (version 10) ioncube should be installed on your web server by default. If not, you can download ioncube installers here The reason ionCube is required is that many of the My Directory files have been encrypted with ioncube, this was done to eliminate hacking, pirating and or cloning of the My Directory script.

Please Note: Maria DB is not supported, only MYSQL with the MySQLi extension installed is supported.

If you are not sure if your server has support for the above requirements, please contact you hosting company and ask.

Uploading My Directory: If installing in the root or home directory, upload the contents of the folder contained in the .zip file to the public directory of your web server. If you are installing My Directory in a folder, create a folder on the server and upload all the files in the archive folder into the folder you created on your server. In the alternative upload the .zip file to the server, extract and rename the folder that is extracted to whatever you wish.

Installation: First create a database* to store My Directory's data through whatever control panel your hosting company has provided (cPanel, Plesk...). In the address bar of your browser, type or you re-named/install, if your system checks out meaning all requirements have been met you will see "Server Requirements Successful, your server meets the requirements to run My Directory.", continue with the installation by clicking the "Complete Installation" button. If your system failed any of the requirement's items, please contact your hosting company and ask them to enable the required feature and try again.

Installation page: Enter your database info, admin info and license key** and click continue. Please make sure there are not any spaces in any data entered, i.e., you copy and paste the database name or username and inadvertently copy a space, if this happens you will get an error. The latter is important, I did it myself, copied the database username in cPanel not realizing I had copied a space in front of the username.

If all goes well, My Directory will be installed without incident.

* My Directory has been written to support PHP 7.4 and MySQL/MySQLi. If you are running a different type of database server, for example, Maria DB, you will not be able to install My Directory.

** License Key, to obtain your license key, login to the user portal with the Username and Password you entered when you created your account click on Licenses.

Optional Requirements:
The following requirements are generally already installed on most web hosting servers.

URL Rewriting:

Search engine friendly URL's require special modules.  These modules are standard and available on most web server.

  • The mod_rewrite module is required on Apache server.
  • The ISAPI Rewrite module (or equivalent) is required on Windows server.

Caching is performed using many different methods.  One method used is Memcache.  Web host support for memcache varies. The PHP memcache extension is required to take advantage of this additional caching method.

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