Below is a description of the addon's included in the Pro version. If you purchase the Lite version of My Directory, which does not include these addon's, and decide to add them later an addon's pack can be purchased from within your User Area.

Frequently Asked Questions

Adds a FAQ page to your directory. Questions and answers editable from the administrative area.

Discount Codes

Administrator can add discount codes. Codes can be used by users when purchasing listings.

Site Links

Gives the administrator the ability to create text or image links via the admin area. A public page then displays a list of these links with code snippets allowing visitors or listing owners to place the site links on their own web pages. If a site link is linked to a listing, the display of that link is dependent on the listing status.


Manage blog categories, posts, and comments from the administrative area. Blog is displayed.

Website Screenshots

Captures thumbnail images of listing websites to display on listings and listing results which do not have a logo. Choose from several website thumbnail providers. Uses caching.

Reciprocal Link Checker

Listing URLs are checked for a reciprocal link on submission. Reciprocal link report is also displayed in the administrative area.

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